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More than half of a hu­ndred dating agencies can boast with the best results. Speaking about their rating, let us distinguish The reason - to become the best they never forget that online dating mission is to join hearts. And, of course, they do everything possible to create best conditions to do that. Let us get to proofs more specifically with the data performed below.

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Easy Registration (via Twitter, Google+ or Facebook)
User-friendly Website
Justifying Prices
Video Chat Guide
High Quality Pictures
High Quality Videos
High Quality Translation
Technical and Customer Support


  • Immediate and FREE registration.
  • Services are to be paid by credits.
  • Categories of credits: e-mail credits, photo credits, video credits, video chat minutes
    • Letters to be sent, opened, translated – 1 e-mail credit
    • Photos to be sent or accept – 1 photo credit
    • Video to be sent to lady or accept – 1 photo credit
    • Online Video Chat
  • The cost of e-mail credits is as follows:
    • 200 E-mail credits = $ 699.99 ($ 3.49 per 1 credit)
    • 100 E-mail credits = $ 399.99 ($ 3.99 per 1 credit)
    • 50 E-mail credits = $ 229.99 ($ 4.59 per 1 credit)
  • The cost of photo credits is as follows:
    • 40 Photo credits = $ 99.99 ($ 2.49 per 1 credit)
    • 20 Photo credits = $ 59.99 ($ 2.99 per 1 credit)
    • 10 Photo credits = $ 34.99 ($ 3.49 per 1 credit)
  • The cost of video credits is as follows:
    • 100 video credits = $ 299.99 ($ 2.99 per 1 credit)
    • 50 video credits = $ 169.99 ($ 3.39 per 1 credit)
    • 20 video credits = $ 229.99 ($ 4.00 per 1 credit)


  • UaDreams have gained the position of the largest match-making operator in Ukraine
  • Variety of women: the main Gallery of the website gives about 1000 single Ukrainian and Russian women from 13 cities of Ukraine.
  • UaDreams is an independent dating agency with a separate policy, system and rules, it has the most popular mail order dating service on the internet
  • Real Russian or Ukrainian Women only
  • More than 10 years experience: almost every month dozens of clients come to their branches in Ukraine, the majority of them find their pretty Ukrainian and Russian wives with the help of the agency.
  • Comprehensive information about every Woman: good profile with essential information about each lady, it is posted in an easy-reading way, so to know each lady will be a pleasure for you
    • prove that she is real
    • confirm she is interested in a relationship with one of their members
  • Fresh Women faces Every Week: each day wait impatiently for 1-2 new ladies on UaDreams
  • A good choice of communication services, as:
    • E-mail correspondence: send a letter to your lady and it is to be opened, translated and printed within 3 days normally, but when you choose special service on Unlimited package – you are able to communicate with your beloved more often
    • Photo and Audio credits: allowing you to share photo or audio files with any lady of your choice. All pictures you receive from ladies used to be of its original size and good quality, except her private ones
    • Video credits: You are able to send your private video files and accept any other one from a lady. Besides there are special theme video options like introduction videos or answering questions and etc.
    • Video Chat session:  You may discuss first with your lady and arrange a virtual meeting. An excellent idea to know the person better. For example, if you have any doubts before having a trip to Ukraine, you may communicate online: by typing a text and having a image in front of you. Translation service is included as well.
    • Video Conference: Video conference will allow you to speak with the lady via skype and to see her in webcam. Also you'll be assisted with translator if needed
    • Phone call: this service is just for the cases to hear the sweet voice of your lady or get answers to your urgent or important questions
  • Click on the grey star on the right upper corner of the profile photo of a beautiful lady and add her to the list of Favorites!
  • You are able to view many high quality photos for free.
  • UaDreams upgraded their profile introduction for ladies: view an introduction video for free as well!
  • Try HD Quality video chat option: check which ladies are online and go ahead to connect!
  • UaDreams fast delivery service will arrange your gift, sweets or flowers in the best possible way! Your lady will be very pleased and will estimate your great attention.
  • You are able to get 5 Free Video Chat minutes in case your profile is filled accordingly: let your lady know you better
  • Pricing is lower than our Quality

One of the most important thing is pricing. The prices are fully justified. Have you got any doubts? As you can check – the UaDreams company is very big and they have a lot of branches all over Ukraine. A great deal of clients are from all parts of the world and they have a big number of Ukrainian ladies as well. All services for the ladies are for FREE. They don't have to pay for correspondence forwarding, translation, internet, video and photo shooting.

It should be mentioned, the company has to pay for the site support, offices rent, internet, office equipment, salaries to our numerous staff. It all cost money. Ukraine has quite high prices in the market of goods and real estate market as well! You probably won't believe but some goods cost really more here than in US or EU. The prices in Ukraine are almost the same as in Western Europe and US.

  • Meeting with a Lady: The website introduces you all opportunities related to your trip to Ukraine. Professional team will create conditions under which you will make minimal efforts to organise your trip.
  • How to stay within a reasonable budget?? How to book a trip? How to order air tickets? There are the answers on the website, and also general information about Ukraine and very interesting travel tips that will help to make your trip really successful
  • You have an opportunity to choose any type of Accommodation: hotel or private apartment. And it will definitely correspond to the one you've seen on photos and in descriptions. UaDreams will book and pay for your accommodation before your arrival – it guarantees your 100% checking in accommodation.
  • Transfer Help: You will be met by our representative who speaks English and knows the region. Most Ukrainian taxi drivers don't speak English, so it will be difficult to explain where to go. Since you are a foreigner you will be offered a very high taxi-fee that isn't fair. If your flight is delayed regular taxi won't wait you. On your arrival you will have to look for a another taxi. And you know that at the airport taxi is VERY expensive. That is why you need a help here and UaDreams will assist you in this question.
  • UaDreams will thoroughly search for the most convenient flight within the country as well as outside to save not only your money but your time too.
  • Dating Schedule: You will be able to get the most convenient schedule of your dates with ladies taking into consideration your special requests, number of dates, wishes about spending the leisure time.
  • Support and Entertainment: Traveling with agency you will always feel support and care. Personal assistant will help you with the translation and explain all the details of Ukrainian life. Also you will get a cell phone with Ukrainian telephone number. You will be advised and informed of fun, interesting excursions and activities as well.
  • Dental Tourism — New Service at High quality dental solutions, internationally certified doctors, the materials of the best global brands – at a surprisingly low price.
  • Translation Help will be offered regularly and included in the price for correspondence with your lady.
  • SMS service: get I touch with your beloved via fast messages, she will always know some fresh news about you.
  • You will enjoy Video Chat session, as you will always be assisted with the best technical support, besides you may try online video chat test, which is for free!


  • Registration:Joining is free and immediate, you are able to try to get access to the website, to get acquainted with all services, to look through the pictures of the ladies and etc. In case you do not like it and take a decision to leave, you may remove your profile immediately.
  • You will never be forced to stay on the website just for earning money for others. UaDreams values each client and make everything possible to make them satisfied.
  • You'll have the opportunity to enter your profile using Twitter, Google+ and Facebook accounts.
  • E-mail address, Username, Password, First Name, Last Name, - that is all they need to create your profile. Please note, the email address is confidential. Don't be afraid of your privacy while giving you personal information even if it is about profile filling or card payment details. Let me tell you that it goes to the main attitude of other clients, developing this business and the whole reputation of the agency as well.

Full Search of your type of a lady:

  • The advanced search with lots of categories that increases your chances to find the proper lady:
    • Height
    • Weight
    • Eyes
    • Hair
    • Keyword
    • Children
    • Want children
    • Glasses
    • Religion
    • Drink
    • Smoke
    • Education
    • Zodiak
    • Field of work
  • You may also filter your search results by
    • ID of the lady
    • age
    • region

So, the Conclusion:

Firstly, Let's speak about digits. The main Gallery of the website gives about 1000 single Ukrainian and Russian women from 13 cities of Ukraine.

Supposedly other agencies may have more than 40,000 but that’s the evident reason – no chances for non-serious ones! That is why - no need to look through thousands of profiles. Go to the Gallery and choose any lady, you can be sure: she is also searching for something missing in her life - her beloved.

By the way, it is important to strictly monitor and choose the girls to accept to the agency. Indeed lady's matrimonial status and background is to be checked as well. Besides all possible efforts should be made to protect you from any kind of scam.

The website is bright and vivid, dynamic features make it user-friendly like social networks! View source

So you can see – the choice is the greatest, and categories will help you to make it easier as it may seem. Very convenient to use search tools to find your date: just click on each bar and select the necessary notion, several seconds – and you get best result!

Besides, they offer great choice of services for your lady: translation and interpreter service, Foreign language courses, private lessons, etc. If you have any concern, you may contact their support center – they react immediately!

About payment. You can use credit card, debit card (Visa or/and Master Card), Western Union or Bank Transfer option. Be sure: each personal information is confidential and no one will use it for any business profit.

What is more, website innovations are the safety and the guarantee even of all payment operations.

In summary, UaDreams is our top-rated mail order bride service that caters for Eastern European women...

  • UaDreams is the most popular organization among all Ukrainian dating agencies if to compare websites, policy, structure and services offered
  • You will never be confused with the great number of beautiful Ukrainian and Russian women.
  • More than 10 years experience they had – that means a reputation of a reliable and first class dating agency has been well established. Almost every month dozens of clients come to their branches in Ukraine. The majority of them find their pretty Ukrainian and Russian wives with the help of the agency.
  • User-friendly website with a simple system, just find a map – and it is easy for you to enjoy your membership
  • Do not hesitate to take a chance and use any of communication services of UaDreams.
  • Such a good choice of introduction videos – great opportunity to know a lady much better
  • Unforgettable Trips to Ukraine: the best agency for traveling. They do care that you are not bored with UaDreams. Unlike other agencies they not only provide you with qualitative spoken translation service but properly take care of our Customers.
  • Good offers with reasonable pricing. A big range of services you get in bulk. They offer good discount in such cases.

Al of that above can prove that UaDreams has a goal different from earning money, this goal is to help people to find each other, they assist them for it, act as a buffer between them when something goes wrong, working out all the misunderstandings due to mentality, language or others.

You know, this is a responsibility of a high level, the staff can give you guarantee. Afterwards you may communicate with this lady without the help of the agency – this is great! And if you intended to engage with the beloved one - take an opportunity to come to Ukraine and visit different branches during one trip - it is convenient as you may arrange meetings with several ladies as well! You get what you try. You can talk by letters but sometimes one meeting force you to make the right decision.

And for a woman her happiness is tightly connected with her beloved man. Maybe you also still have not met your lady. Can it be that chance for you to change your life and make the first step towards that so desired happiness?

"UaDreams makes a good job and gives good services."

11 April 2019
reviewer David / USA

It seems strange to me that the only way to get the lady’s personal information is to come to Ukraine. You may write a lot of letters and meet in chat but only on the site. To get the lady’s information you have to visit her in Ukraine and to meet in person. Right now I am dating with one lady in video chat, we knew each other a little bit in letters and then we decided to meet in the chat. We both like this service because it helps to feel the partner, to see eyes and smile. I do like this chat. I don’t know what the future has for me and my Oksana from Odessa but for now we know each other better. Who knows maybe there will be a moment for us to meet in Ukraine? For now, it seems like the beginning of something great.

"UaDreams - I am so happy that I’ve joined this Agency."

25 September 2018
reviewer Brian / UK

I appreciate their work and from my point of view, they do everything very professionally. I’ve been on this website for 8 months and I wrote to many ladies, a lot of ladies were the first who wrote to me. Yes, I spent some money but now I am dating a nice woman who I met on We liked each other in the letters, then in video chat, after that, we decided to meet in Ukraine and the Agency organized everything very well. Right now we are planning the next meeting and I am going to proposal.

"UaDreams - A good website and nice girls."

10 March 2016
reviewer Jeremy / Australia

A good website and nice girls. I have met several ladies and we went on communication. It seems to me that it’s a little bit expensive but at the same time I am corresponding to more than one lady. I like the services, everything is pretty clear and very convenient. I feel safe and comfortable talking with ladies, I know that the agency checks their information, I am sure that the women are real. The girls never asked me for money or presents, I do like that they care about this.

"UaDreams - Your doing a great job."

15 January 2015
reviewer Robert / Australia

Your doing a great job. Now through my association with you I come to love your country and I like to visit your area just to look at it and enjoy it's wonders. Because dealing with people is a very hard

"UaDreams - I appreciate your wisdom and kindness"

12 January 2015
reviewer Michael / United states

I appreciate your wisdom and kindness. You did what was just and merciful. Thanks for providing me an opportunity to learn how to love and care for others less selfishly, to find true joy and peace in the happiness of others and so many other gifts. Blessings, Misha

"UaDreams - The site is very user friendly and very helpful and informative"

5 January 2015
reviewer Bill / USA

I think your site and the personnel who man it are very good sincere people. The site is very user friendly and very helpful and informative. Good luck and I wish your country and your people the best. Be happy and do keep smiling. Bill

"UaDreams - I really believe in this agency"

20 December 2014
reviewer Darrin / United states

I appreciate the followup and the details you provided. It helps to know so as to not keep guessing. We all have our histories and trust is one of the hardest of things to give freely because of our histories but I really believe in this agency Sincerely, Darrin

"UaDreams - Real company, real girl, great interpreter - all ok"

September 24, 2014
reviewer Dik Pertston / Hungary

I have had a great visit to the wonderful city Lutsk. I did meet very kind and hospitable people.The interpreter [name] did a great job in facilitating the visit and meeting my lady. Everything just great.

"UaDreams - I'm really optimistic about this agency."

August 27, 2014
reviewer Scout / Spain

Very good impression about Uadreams support center. Quick replies and good explanations. If you want you can call on their skype and get the information you need quicklier as by mail. The support center is very polite and you feel that you are respected. In general you feel that this agency values their customers.

When I had problems with login to the site the problem was solved in a half of an hour. When I had questions about a payment, it was replied this very day. Congratulations for good services!

You may say the site is quite expensive, but for me it's really ok. I am sure that it's worth it to spend money if you want to reach some aim that is very important for your life. There are so many adnavtages on this site that you are just enable to leave it for some another.

"UaDreams - The best experience i've had"

August 17, 2014
reviewer Julio / Mexico

Well, to be honest i tried another sites before this one, and you can be sure the service it's great and the girls are real. The prices are fear, not cheap but not too high. The photos they take to the girls are really good and they not use excessively Photoshop, which is something i'm truly grateful for it, i mean they keep the girls real.

Also their Support service is really fast, usually they reply in one day.

"UaDreams - My trip"

August 6, 2012
reviewer Darrin Dovichef / Australia

I have been emailing my lady for about a year and a half. She has always been great about emailing me immediately and often sent me extra letters in between my writing her. We hit it off right from the start and often taking time to get to know each other, we both really wanted to meet each other... Making the arrangements was very simple and UaDreams set everything up so the only thing I had to do was fly in.

A driver picked me up in Odessa and drove me the long distance to Nikolaev, letting me relax after 26 hours of travelling to get there. My interpreter was at my loft the first day very friendly and personable and provided great help the entire time I was here.

My lady was exactly as she showed to me in pictures, video and emails – only much better in real life! This has been a great trip, starting a very promising future for us both. She is a very real, great lady!