Respect to one more uadreams generous customer

One more review that attracted my interest:

Not for nothing, but the jewelry you offer to be given to the lady are not more than 5-10 USD here where I am. Why the hell do you charge so much for presenting such fugazi to the lady? Stainless steel pendant? Not even silver? C'mon, who yinz kidding? I would love to give my ladies gifts, but your offerings would basically be considered somewhat of an insult where I am from, and as is my nature, I want nothing but the best for my ladies. Provide better merch, or allow the man to find something of better quality to be given to the lady. That's all I have to say about that.

Actually it is up to each man, if he wants to buy jewelery on uadreams for his girl or not. Besides there is so many high quality stainless steel jewelry in shops… I couldn't even imagine that stainless steel can be a subject of doubts…