A real review about uadreams marriage agency

First of all I would like to give special thanks to David who wrote an e-mail to me and asked to make a review about uadreams agency. Thank you David! It was a really good question and this agency is worth attention. See also http://www.uadreamsreview.com

David got an invitation to join uadreams.com, but his words were full doubts and he wasn't sure if he should accept this invitation. It was not for nothing. Several years ago he had a negative experience and was afraid to get it repeated. He met a nice girl on some dating site. One day he tried quick search that showed that the photos of these girl were placed on many other marriage agencies and dating sites like girls.ru or russian-dating. A fake profile! Scammers! Indeed, a lot of professional scammers place fake profiles on dating sites, ask men for their private e-mail adresses and then ask men for money.

A month ago David made one more attempt to meet a girl and started to write to russian women on brides.ru. He got aqcuainted with a nice girl who had really beautiful professional pictures in her profile and David really liked her.

After several weeks David got a quite strange looks like a scams e-mail from a dating site uadreams.com that informed him about Elena's invitation to join uadreams and continue their communication there:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Uadreams support team
Date: Mon, Sept 1, 2014 at 6:35 PM
Subject: David, Elena from Ukraine invited you to the International Matchmaking Agency!
To: David

Welcome to the International Matchmaking Agency!

Dear David You've been invited to http://www.uadreams.comatthe request of

[image: Elena from Poltava, Ukraine girl pictures]

Elena from Poltava, Ukraine
*Your account information *(it will help you to see photos from all ladies in our database):
login: xxx
password: xxx

*Any your questions will be answered in our* Support
: +1 (315) 849-4959
Skype phone account: *uadreams*
*No one can know where he will meet his love!*
You can login here:http://uadreams.com/login.rpx
If you think it was done in error then just ignore this message.
Uadreams Support Team.

Who is sup_maria? David notice that name in URL. Is it some tracking id of the operator that gets paid? One more dishonest crap?? Needless to say that David was afraid that his new acquaintance didn't exist! Old scheme uadreams scams... sneaky trick.

Luckily David wrote to me and reported this crap to me promptly, so I could explain him that this is just an id of a support center employee who supervises communication of each girl on uadreams.com. This employee informs a girl about all messages and chat invitations that she gets, translates her video chats and organizes photo shootings for her and accompanies her when a men comes to Ukraine to meet her. Full service, it is really convenient for each girl, all the more as not all Russian and Ukrainan girls speak English well. And if you have doubts if a girl is real, you can invite her in video chat on uadreams and make sure that everything is ok. Finally, it is up to each girl how many agencies she wants to use in search of her man.

Merry Christmas 2013 from UaDreams staff uadreams-com

David points out that uadreams.com is a paid service and charges $6.99 per e-mail. It is very expensive for him, so her was just about to reject an invitation. If you e-mail and text each other dozens of time each day, you cannot pay every time you pass messages. How much money should you then drop a day? $100 a day would be $3,000 a month or $36,000 a year. It would be much cheaper to fly to Ukraine and post an advert in the local newspaper saying that you want to meet a beautiful girl, wouldn't it?

Actually it is not all that bad. You pay $6.99 not per one e-mail, but for two translations. At first your e-mail to the girl is translated, and then the girl's e-mail is translated for you. I have already mentioned that many girls in Ukraine don't speak English well, so it is a great help for them. An the main thing: if you want to write many e-mails, you can buy 100 e-mails and pay only $3.99 for two translations. Sounds good, doesn't it? No joke, successful communication is worth it! So, I would advice David to sign up to uadreams and share his experience!

Uadreams prices

Update January, 15.

Hello again! I am happy to continue my review of uadreams.com dating agency, as David was kind to send me some more mails and share his experience. He accepted invitation from Elena and joined uadreams. What happened after that?

Concerning Elena, she was a nice real girl, he talked in video chat with her many times. Another thing astonished David: when he sent messages to ladies, he had an almost 100% response rate. David is right, it is an unusual situation, but women registered on uadreams.com are all marriage-minded and don't miss any opportunity to meet men. When the ladies become members of the agency they know that they will spend a lot of time on correspondence. I can say one thing: it speaks well for the agency uadreams and proves that their girls are really serious! 100% response rate doesn't mean that it's a scams. It is really good when you are contacted by many women, and not only the most beautiful or thin.

I have to mention that all the photos posted on uadreams website is taken by a professional photographer. However, girls on uadreams aren't models and their photos aren't purchased from modeling agencies! They are usual girls who work, study, meet their friends, help their parents and just enjoy life. If you ask girls to send you some photos of her in a private message, she will gladly do it. So you will be able to see some photos taken by the girls' friends. If you are seduced by the photos of the women on uadreams, you can video chat with them and that's not a lot of money.

Uadreams does have an interesting gallery of "success stories" of couples that were married. Great! This agency really makes people happy! Of course you should screen through dozens or hundreds of women before you find your dream, but it is worth it. It is a serious issue to find somebody for life, so you should spare no trouble to gain ends.

David also mentioned uadreams shop in his second e-mail. You can pamper your beloved girl with anything you want, it can be flowers, sweets or even perfumes. Ok, you should spend more money to buy someting for your girl on uadreams than you would spend in your native town. However the employees of uadreams do much work on delivering your gift to the girl. You can even choose some particular thing that isn't shown in the uadreams store, and they find it for you. Flowers and little surprises are nice signs of attention. I think each relationship has to be romantic.

Various marriage agencies have various business models. For example, Elena's Models charges subscription fee. You pay not much, but you have to make many acquaintances in a short period of time, if you want your costs to be rewarded. In uadreams you don't need to hurry. You just pay for certain services. I think that the both business models have advantages and disadvantages, but as for me, the second business model is more convenient for user.

I read on the internet some rewievs that described the following: "Be careful because uadreams is 100% scam, I spent a lot of money there." These people think that if the appearance of the site is perfect, a liar stands beyond.

I don't think that uadreams.com is a perfect agency, it has its disadvantages as well. They sometimes have technical problems, but they are not scammers. If you want to find your love you should take an effort, and many people don't want to do this. They just blame everything. Have you ever heard that a kid who learns to walk and falls many times says: "Sorry, it is not for me..."? Even if your first effort to find a good women is not successful, try and try again. Then you will surely find what you are looking for.

Uadreams girls

Update February, 20.

Hi everybody! A couple of days ago I received an interesting message about uadreams.com from a person called Bill:

Hi Colin,

Nice to meet you. I kindly ask you to give me a piece of advice.

I am using this site UADREAMS.COM more than 8 months. I correspond with several women there and talk in video chat with them. I know that they are real people. One day I found a lady in Odnoklassniki, but she didn't reply to me. She blocked me instead. Why did she do so? Does she work for this agency? Is she paid? Can you explain please?

If uadreams is 100% scam you can post my message in your blog so that other people could avoid this agency. I want to find my true love and don't have time for scammers!!

I can confirm this is true 100% scammers. Can you recommend me some other websites? I know that Ukrainian women are traditional wives and not emancipated. Thank you for your help in advance.
Best regards,

Dear Bill, thanks a lot for your e-mail. If you read the beginning of my review, you will notice a mention about support center employees who supervise communication of girls on uadreams.com. It has nothing to do with scams. When a girl comes to uadreams, the agency guarantees her safety. They don't give you girls' phone numbers or addresses before your first trip to Ukraine. And the most important thing: it is forbidden for women to ask men for money. If something like this occurs, the girl is excluded from the agency immediately. So it is your safety as well!

UaDreams Notifies Scam Is For Free!

We are sure that more 2-3 persons from ten used online dating services or we can say mobile apps. Moreover people know about each other how they managed to find someone finally and be sincerely happy with.

We can see general positive explosion of wonderful feedbacks about great opportunities to communicate with each other.

There is no blind dating, no long letters through the post or coming into another countries and waiting for some day or months or even years to meet. Online dating is the greatest approach to shorten the distance, like a helping hand within times. We observe prominent position of social networks nowadays, you are able to navigate, to search, to contact, to talk, to see the images or even to hear the voice within an image. This is a kind of survey, a national one to stable relationships, we have era of high technologies, we need our time to save.

However all of us know what is for free is under a cloud.

So what had happened? Is there any serious changes?

Can we consider all dating websites to be serious with transparent policy?

Actually money business is the main and the only reason people do change their opinion. Scammers and fraudsters influence the main picture to envelop through the dating machine. This engine became dangerous within free communication through the social networks. Thousands of men empty their wallets and become vulnerable victims by opening their heart to those who pretend to be their beloved.

Let us warn you with the general guide of scam effect:

  1. Criminal catch your attention by beautiful photos in lady’s profile.
  2. As the communication is for free, first letter goes by a lady, her primary one and thus she uses main phrases you indicated in your profile to start the conversation with.
  3. You keep you correspondence in a tender manner, more specifically sharing by your personal information which is to be used soon by fraudster.
  4. Your interlocutor asks for a financial help to cover "her" needs or expenses connected with coming to your country, for example to book a ticket that is very expensive to keep the change to buy something to prepare for a trip, to finish "her" study or to resolve her debts, to get some money for mother who is at the hospital or a child (as she is a lonely mother).
  5. You offer Western Union transfer. And you will never see your money back. As well as your beloved. (Probably this is not a young lady with blond hair and sweet heart but fat 50-year-old man with serious intentions to get your money out).
  6. You use free dating website with free letters, free services, free online translator – which is automatic and neglect some language mistakes – this cause lots of misunderstandings you know due to mental differences.
  7. You have no guarantee that your virtual dating may turn into real.


Such fake dating websites have rating only packed with numerous free-communication-lovers. Actually we cannot imagine how do they give any guarantees as you need money to support that great system with all that staff.

Russia, Belarus and Ukraine are countries famous for their scam systems set by thefts. Men from all over the world rush to find wise, beautiful and young wife there. We won’t tell you about the reason why they do like that, mainly of the career reason of their native ladies who count the money and who match under standard of prudent housekeeper to divide your money after divorce.

Virtual dating is a kind of escape – psychologists say. You start from a flirt and come with stable emotions until the first date. But we won’t continue this topic as it is not the necessary one.

Anyway such action as registering in the dating websites is to be done consciously. So men usually are ready for cheating themselves by fraud and scam actions.

Negative wave gives resonance, we discover huge "audience loss", let us give you the digits:
In 2001 we had 51% of happy users of international dating websites but in 2009 only 38%.
John does not need Natasha any more because he expects Natasha to be Nazim or Sam or Whoever –else..

He does not believe and sends his regular report to police about being victimized again with his 5 000$ loss. Did someone pushed him to do that? No. All that he did was by himself.

Now he had found a way to communicate – free apps for his mobile, something for limited audience divided by separate interests, however no one give him a guarantee to be in safe.

International Dating Websites Are Not For Free

Let’s uncover what expenses they need within their business. Why it is so expensive to be a member of big international agency and spend money?

Matchmaking program is rather sophisticated thing. "How do they know exactly what I want?"

Do they use psychological aspects in searching a partner for their member? Actually they offer to fill special form to indicate your interests and in case they overlap with the form of another member – supposedly that will be a good match. It would be easier to arrange a perfect meeting.

What do you need to get your success in dating online?

Well, your first need is a good translation, we mean a professional one with all specific details, secondly – urgent opportunity to warn a lady if you are not able to contact her, regular customer support, lots of options and services (gifts, flowers, packages delivery), phone calls, video chats (with simultaneous translation of course), video conference, etc.

If you decide to come with a visit, you need perfect assistance in all questions (sure you may use internet guides with reviews), but there are such agencies as UaDreams.com offer special trip manager who will be your personal assistant, you can call and find if it is a real person. You will be provided with all necessary information as to accommodation, booking tickets, drivers, guides, interpreter if needed.

Of course all of that needs money, this is a business on a big trading territory of gender communication. They earn money but they give guarantees as well. We think you need some specifications as to this matter. All stuff that is working with technical, customer and payment sides of the agency need to be set in special financial system with salaries and payment structures to keep the level.

Scam issues are the most popular if you paste this word in Google.

And there are many reports giving perfect picture of for example UaDreams Scam agency or UaDreams Fraud system. And supposedly some explanations need to be done. Lots of negative scam reports contain certain names, dates, letters abstracts and digits as to the amount of money spent on UaDreams girls. Indeed dating business is so dangerous nowadays that you cannot imagine how many agencies need to compete day after day! The approaches are unexpected and sometimes you may see the list of scam revues for UaDreams for example as they are on a stage for about 10 years or more. So we notify you that there are such well-paid managers who post fake specific revues about great scam in international agencies and face particular scam cases.

If we speak about deception, this is a serious matter to talk about. Intermediary agencies use strict methods to survive, therefore, as the result – stable and popular agencies get client’s loss, downside and bad reputation. Have you ever analyzed all these reports and tried to find some real documents – any scan copies of letters (if we speak about letters from ladies) with indicating specific details?

Usually these reports are built on obtrusive phrases-clichés that collect all negative emotions of abused customers or recent victims of dating scam or fraud. We state that there are notable exceptions of course in every business history but not the case we speak about but the method to resolve the problem and to avoid in future identical or similar notices and complains.

UaDreams Has Arsenal Against Scam

Is there any good way to smooth this negative report stream rather than to encounter by policy?

Of course we can give you a couple of examples.

Forget about reluctant men. They won’t exist anymore!

UaDreams’ got Anti-Scam Controlling Department. Let us explain you how do they work.

First of all you should know that scammers usually use your feelings to play with and to make you inattentive and rattlebrained. Ladies cheat men out of their money within asking for direct money transfer as a help or any personal information to contact directly.

  1. So Anti-Scam department firstly check properly all documents of ladies who are registered on website, we mean passports, marital status, social networks or membership on other websites.
  2. Besides they check this information regularly during a month.
  3. Speaking about personal information – exchanging of details (personal address or email or any other info) is prohibited until first meeting in the agency. Thus company takes a responsibility that your meeting will be in real life – you will be provided with office almost in each city of Ukraine.
  4. Members Support Center takes all notices and complains to investigate. Then they are immediately directed to Anti-Scam Department for further consideration. And head management encourages all members to leave feed back within using the website in order to keep the high level.
  5. Negligence of duties is to be punished and the guilty is to be fired out.


Fatal mistake is when you just remove your profile from the system and do nothing. You MUST report to head management in urgent way – this will save your time and probably criminals will be shown up in time.

Desperate Men: Should I Pay?

Modern men lose their chances to find their love taking into account scam information in the Internet. Sometimes they just reject all methods of uncovering scam and fraud issues and do not help agencies to prevent their members from such cases. Instead such men discourage all other members from using online services.

We hope that situation will change here. As we see from the world statistic sources, generally, those, who use online dating services, give very high marks about their experience.

We see that 68% of this part of internet users accept good results of looking for beloved. 59% agree that such system helps them to get in touch with someone and match more often than in real life. And finally we see over 12% users have negative opinion about people being desperate with no results and what is more about scam victims.

We never push and force someone to do something, but think over before you refuse, probably you are about to dismiss something important.

This system has years experience and needs to feed up with people, their sincere attitude; it appreciates feed back and dialogue.

Pricing and Service Quality of Uadreams.

Here we should speak a little about time and money. Probably deep field gives a push to all agencies to reconsider their prices for services. But before we give any comment to this, we would like you to read another report we found among pack of complainings about UADreams.

We refer to one feedback of VIP poster named Foxy.

He marked that Uadreams have fake profiles and even sometimes they have the information changed. He was sure that girls are not real and probably only staff is working on attracting men to be members. He underlined that the pictures are not realistic, it was unbelievable to see such unnatural beauty, too perfect. Most probably as he thought all pictures were stolen from other websites. And if you decide to talk on the phone with a girl - you talk with somebody from the staff. What about testimonials - they were untrue as well. Our Mr. VIP Poster was sure that they are to be added automatically as tale stories for some grannies to have fun and to be happy for others, but there was no place for real happy endings. Besides, he mentioned that a friend of his proved that Uadreams is a scam agency, as he spent hundreds of dollars for nothing and when he requested to get any direct information to contact his girl - they just refused to do so. He is more than sure that being a member of Uadreams is a time and money wasting, it is better to avoid such websites at all.

When we see reports like real crap we think twice: this is disgusting really, you spend your money and give all your hopes but as a result you have no lead or hooking to contact your woman. But another side still’s whispering: check twice. Where is the truth? And afterwards you’re trying to surf hundreds of pages about this agency to find anything resembles such a problem. Moreover VIP Poster did not give any exact proof of his words, so that could be just a simple school thesis.

As we know in 2014 Ukraine was known as a failed state within winter events and all others that followed after. In this situation growth in customer deposits through all the country was on the lowest level at least nowadays the situation is about to change for better. So let us mention that emerging nations experience difficult times and are forced to put high prices for their living.

Uadreams put justified prices for their services as you know that a middleman between two sides proceeds abnormal job, that is why it should be paid accordingly. Even anti-scam system needs to be upgraded and supported technically on regular basis of course.

Another ex-member of Uadreams, Calin, told us his story about communication with his girl with her computer broken. She explained that instead she would use an internet cafe for their communication there and he spent many video chat minutes for hundreds of dollars with bad connection. He convinced everyone that his lady was real however that was really expensive to speak with a girl regularly. The image was really good but disappeared from time to time and the texting wasn’t really simultaneously. This fact made him worry.

You see, video chat apps are to be used now pretty well as they have been updated recently. But before using it is better to check settings with manager during free test chat. It is available almost all week. We do not recommend you to keep talking if you have some technical problems, the system won’t stop the time and you will waste your money. But usually such minutes are to be refunded in case technical error is detected.

As we were explained a translator is connected to the video chat and waits for the phrase from you, then translates to a lady and then she give the translation of the reply. But usually this will take several seconds only not to waste member’s time.

Online communication needs more complicated adjustments so that being grateful for your security is the least you can do, just try and pay. If you don’t want - you shouldn’t.

We received a letter from Viktor from Croatia

"Uadreams is an elaborated scam organization and my issue has a proof below. One girl lured me to this website but before I was a member of another one, actually we me there but suddenly she closed her profile there and give me the invitation to UADreams. I proposed her to contact directly by personal email but she rejected. The next my attempt to call her failed as she refused to give her phone number, so what is it? Isn’t it a scam? Do they think that all foreign men from Western Europe are so stupid? Indeed I think we are, as long as such agencies exist, the game will not be over. And the chain is based on the feelings, for sure. Send your money dollar by dollar until you kick the bucket. But may be my message will make you smell the rat first. I know that girls are real and they are really beautiful in Ukraine and Russia, mature and all. But the case is they extract money from you slowly and permanently, men from other countries are a big wallet you use for living. So travel if you want to travel and search for love but not here."

Well, such post is useful enough, isn’t it? Probably men abroad will say thank you for such a convenient advise however there are some points to reconsider. Let’s see.

As we noticed Viktor haven’t used the Uadreams website at all, but he kept applying everyone not to use it for scam. This is only his estimation based on intuition probably, some bad experience and feedback from internet. Maybe the reason is that UaDreams gives less information about such cases when ladies make their choice on the benefit of UaDreams and why they do so. In spite of all this Viktor is right with his recommendations to make trips and get new contacts by own way. This is the best option if your money does not use the third party, definitely. And 10% of such travellers got their luck with finding wife they dreamed about.

Uadreams prices

Well, such post is useful enough, isn’t it? Probably men abroad will say thank you for such a convenient advise however there are some points to reconsider. Let’s see.

As we noticed Viktor haven’t used the Uadreams website at all, but he kept applying everyone not to use it for scam. This is only his estimation based on intuition probably, some bad experience and feedback from internet. Maybe the reason is that UaDreams gives less information about such cases when ladies make their choice on the benefit of UaDreams and why they do so. In spite of all this Viktor is right with his recommendations to make trips and get new contacts by own way. This is the best option if your money does not use the third party, definitely. And 10% of such travellers got their luck with finding wife they dreamed about.

James from Australia has similar story. His experience actually was not so bad earlier as well. However he considers Uadreams attitude abusive in particular to all male members. His first experience he got on some other website, he mentioned that he started to communicate with two women from Russia and from Ukraine. One girl did not respond lately, another one - from Ukraine, she received James's letter with all details - email address, phone number, fb account and etc. and disappeared. But lately James received a reply that he should wait. Keep in mind that he had limited membership there so when it finished James received a special invitation to come to UaDreams website to communicate with this lady, the membership is for free but services are non-free.

Strange point for him was - a girl had personal contacts but preferred to keep the communication through the third party.

Uadreams prices

He felt the smell like a scam spirit. Thus James consider Uadreams to work in such a way to vamp men and to make them using non-free services. Moreover he bet all profiles they have are fake and Uadreams create them to have a perfect women picture and to attract more foreigners. James wanted to contact this girl but disappointed by such an artificial feelings, obtained a disgusting attitude to all of them and all their actions against him.

As it seemed, Jason haven’t used Uadreams service as Viktor. Moreover he was more than upset by ignoring his attempts to catch a lady’s eye on his private contacts. Supposedly the point should be explained more specifically about such invitations.

As good as we know, all women in UaDreams granted with free assistance: services, photoshooting, promotion, video chat assistance, translation and others. That is why they receive a guarantee of being in a convenient and safe territory.

Uadreams prices

The truth is that male members receive free credits for emails, video chat as well as the registration. UaDreams do not recommend to use several profiles on different websites - such situation make this complicated and gives no guarantee for happy ending. But we can understand the enormous desire of women to break down all possible fails and saving the time.

However we understand that using third party causes some complications within intimate communication but free dating websites that allow using online translators give not promises that your interlocutor is no longer a woman (a man). Language barriers would be anyway, even if you use free translation online, little misunderstandings will appear somehow and ruin the comprehension.

We know the fact the UaDreams got a good reputable position among women, they trust to this company, a defensive system from maniacs or sex-tourists. Besides, men could be not so simple with sincere intentions as well, and there are many ones with non-serious intentions, they gladly give personal contacts but never come to Ukraine and the deal ends up with promises only.