Scamming Online: The Top Four Ways of Making You Scammed

Those who are fond of visiting dating sites, often get into dating scams. If you don’t know for sure, we will describe you everything. This topic is rather up to date and if you are aware of it, your life will be safer. Do not let cheaters spoil your life. There are four stories about dating scam. Some of these examples are rather frequent and vivid, but some of them are not. So, follow the information.

You go to one of dating sites and search for your lover. You have a desire to find a partner of your dream and always rely on people sensibleness. So, how could you really believe these people and be sure in their feelings?

If you were cheated on line on a dating site, don’t worry. There are millions of people like you. One of the latest researches in the USA showed that usual visitors of dating sites spend more than $600 million on dating. It is the biggest paid content wherever else.

Usual scams are well known for most of the people. There can be simple not serious lies, but there are huge serious cases. To avoid them you should be aware of their peculiarities and the next will help you with that. Read the next stories and get know how to avoid to be scammed.

1. The other person, the other life

When we meet a person in real life, we watch at his appearance first. The same story is about dating sites. When you register there, you try to show your best. But there is one disadvantage – people hide in front of the computer and can show us the different information, not the real, just to seem more beautiful. And when you find it out, you can name it a scam.

So, here is one good way to find out the lies. If a person sounds strange and you do not believe him at 100%, just ask him questions as much as you can.

If you are sure that a person tells you the truth, ask for a photo to send for you. But take into consideration that a person may send you any photo from any period of his life. So, you should also not believe it for sure.

Mind that there may be emotionally unstable people. To be sure in a person don’t date him in quiet places, better meet on public, tell your close people, that you are on a date and where it is, and don’t spread too much information about yourself.

A famous on line magazine offers you to do the next:

Don’t give your full real name on the site and get new anonymous email account. Don’t enter too much information about yourself on this account.

Don’t mention your home telephone number anywhere. Only use your mobile phone number if necessary. If a person knows your home number, he is able to find your address easily. (There are scammers, who will find your address even without this number, but this is not an easy deal).

Use your car or whatever to drive to the place of dating and back home. Don’t let an unknown person know where you live. If there is no such an opportunity, ask your friend to do this or call a taxi.

If you visit a public place on the date, pay some part of money for the bill. In this case your partner will have nothing to fait from you as a return.

2. A married one

The recent research showed that the most part of men, who are registered on dating sites, are already married. But there is no certain number for women.

Find out a married person with the help of the next advice, though it will be difficult sometimes:

Watch for the photo carefully. If a person is married, he will probably use a dark unattractive photo. People do this, because if a picture will be too attractive, somebody may notice and recognize him.

Your couple asks for your number, but doesn’t give his one. It is also safer, as he in his turn can use any different number to call you or simply block is so not to let you know the real number.

The time period, when your partner contacts you, is limited or regular. If a partner calls you at some special periods, it may mean that he chooses a moment when his wife or other people don’t hear him. He may not answer your calls for a long time. You may send him messages and get a response only after some hours.

When you knew your partner a good piece of time, but he doesn’t want you to be introduced to his friends and family. Usually married people want as less people as possible to know his lover. You may ask him this question, as why is he hiding you or information about his close people.

3. Email scam, but not a date

Some of the dating may not be as they are at all. It may be just a scam or email marketing.

It may often happen when you go to the dating site for the first time. Also there it can be the first time you are registered there and chat with people. From the first minutes of your chatting you are asking to give an email address and spam comes therefrequently. But you will never also meet this person and will never know the person. Well, this is rather annoying.

So, the solution exists after all. Just don’t tell anyone your email name. Only you know for sure that a person is real, you may let him know this. It is even better to create a separate anonymous address in order to leave it in case something of the sort happens.

4. Blackmailing: a dangerous scam

And now we moved to the most serious and disappointing way of scamming – shakedown by women (there are even men, who introduce and act like a woman).

The situation is that a person tells that he really likes you and wants to see you. Then as he sees that you trust him, he starts asking for money. Usually he needs money for a ticket to see you. Sometimes somebody is ill. You send money and a person disappears forever.

But this situation is easy to predict and recognize. Don’t believe people who ask for money.

Scams on dating sites have a long history. But nowadays this particular way is only gaining momentum.

We hope that we have helped you a lot. Now you may feel safe and try the methods, which were described above.

Have a nice time!