Tips for dating Russian women: how to avoid mistakes

To pay or not to pay — that is the question! Where is fraud & where is no scam?

Regular notion «dating websites should be fee-paying» causes endless debates all the time.  Let's discuss. Popular websites can be divided into: free, fee-paying, and trial.

As for the first group — that's clear enough. All visitors have an opportunity for a free enter. Nevertheless! Every business (dating services is a kind of business as well) ought to have money to exist.

How to protect yourself from dating scams online

To keep online progress, to pay fee for employees, to develop. So which source of income do such websites have? Usually they have two of them. The first and the main one — advertisement. It is very easy to distinguish free dating website due to hard concentration of advertisement on every page. Obviously, they are very popular. All these people focussed - therefore they could be potential customers to buy any other goods or services. But do the visitors really like that? Evidently, no. If the page attracts by cars and cosmetics banners but not by photos of future partners — there is no romance, of course.

The second source is available not for every site, for unfair only, unfortunately. That is a sale of personal contacts of their visitors. For what and for whom? Avertisements owners, other websites need them, they need new visitors, customers, users, etc. Then you used to receive notifications, messages, advertising letters, somewhere your profiles or any personal data may appear. You may think, such free online services may be a kind of a scam. In actual fact, that is not so dangerous, but your mailbox is full of unsolicited spam.

Fee-paying websites make all their services non-free. You should pay for everything: registration, contact, online present, date, meeting, rating improvement, etc. Without any doubt such sources are not aimed to stick to their visitors by their advertisement. They could have their own customer circulation by organizing a good advertisement of honest business. Felicity is worth to be paid. And sometimes — it is necessary to be paid. Fee-paying websites have facilities to filter out lot of visitors, to update interface, to attach new services. Surely, this is very good. One point is less — charging for every step, that's too much. Alternative way: run without extra services, or offer them as a present to the clients. Rush for profits reduces human value and significancy. Primary position goes to his purse.

And, finally, trial websites. «Happy middle ground» - the most appropriate, as for me, variant.

Such dating websites performs only several services that are obligatory to be paid. Usually — the main part of them. Any other additional service goes to users or they may be trial for a period of time.

As a rule, the advantage is a free registration. The prosedure is simple, so every new client gets an opportunity to start communicating with the person he likes. It is easy to denote if it is a good match for you or not at all. Certainly, if you wish to keep your correspondence — you will be charged for other services, for example — phone messages. Sometimes such websites take money for the access to personal contacts of visitors, sometimes for the number of chosen users if they match. Rarely — for the management: meeting organizing or dealership (like match-maker).

The prices used not to be high, and there are several methods to proceed the payment. And, of course, you know what you pay for. The picture becomes clear enough: you may understand the charity, you may see if male and female are live persons, whose personal contact can be given free of charge or too much expensive. Dating sites gives for their customers an opportunity to pay for the chance to meet with a lady, to invite her for a date. By the way you may find special offers to arrange the first meeting with high-qualified professional staff and with guarantee (with the help of guides-interpreters as well).

As for the well-known question what to pay for, everyone should make a decision by himself: to pay or not to pay. I must confess, it is better to pay in order to get something you need and not to be scammed. There is no scam in such sources. You may be interested in FOR WHAT you should pay and HOW MUCH? You know, to pay for real love is worth enough. A true compensation for the efforts to search it, and the first affecting reunion as a present!

Simple formula for men of a successful online dating

To tell the truth dating Russian woman is not comparable with dating women from other countries. If at last you lucked out and found Russian woman and you think that she is that special someone you should know that western culture courtship differs from Russian one. And extra for you we gathered here some tips which will help you in dating. I want to note that when I speak about dating I mean the period of time when you at last meet your significant other, see her and perhaps start planning marriage. But you shouldn’t think that you can ignore my recommendations if you are not still planning the marriage. My tips will be quite useful for all stages of relationships.

The most important fact you must remember about that Russian women are very romantic. Possibly you have already understood it by reading their extremely sentimental things in their profile. But the fact is that they actually consider the relationships to be romantic. They want to be treated as special someone and they want you to demonstrate them that they are very special to you.

Many men who traveled in Russia returned without their woman or their relationships just ended because they didn’t take into account the different way of thinking of Russian women. It is quite easy to hurt or to offend her without even knowing what you have done. And the biggest problem here is that they will never forgive you.

You should be a real gentleman with Russian woman, to pay her compliments and to make your relationships very romantic. It will give you advantage if you do some gentlemanly gestures like opening door or hand-holding. Believe me Russian women pay too much attention to these things and my own experience has proved it. One day I had dinner in the restaurant with my date and when she needed going out for a minute I stood up. As she came back I got up again and after this she confessed that my gestures made her heart beat faster!

Another thing you must take into account is gifts. Gifts play very large role in relationships with Russian woman. Perhaps here in the U.S. you have never thought about buying some presents for your girlfriend’s mom, but in Russia it is a traditional sign of respect and good attitude. So you will put yourself in a bad light if you come to your woman (her children and mother) without gifts.

It is not necessary to buy expensive things just you should bring something. For example, you could buy some cosmetics, chocolates, flowers or earrings for your girlfriend. For her children you can bring some toys depending on the age and gender. For her mom you can also prepare flowers or some special sort of coffee or tea.

If you are planning to visit her you can buy things here and take them with you. Sometimes you can send some gifts there between visits.

Moreover you must remember the date 8th of March! NEVER forget about this day, because it is International women’s day in Russia (Ukraine). It’s some kind of mix Valentine's Day with Mother's Day. It’s very important day for Russian women so don’t forget to send your girlfriend gift or flowers or at least greetings. If you do forget you run a risk to lose big points.

In addition you must pay attention to is talking about money. It is lit bit complicated.

When you just start corresponding with Russian woman it is recommended to be upright when it comes about your life standards and income. If you are wealthy guy you can directly tell her about it because it will give you only advantages. If you get an average income you can tell about it in different way. For example, you can say that you have 7 year old Ford Focus, 3 bedroom home in Tampa and once a year you go to Hawaii to have vacation.

When you first meet your woman she must have realistic picture of who you are, your life standards and income. You must be sure that she has right impression about your fortune and doesn’t expect something different from you. This knowledge will help your relationships to go in the right direction. But at the same time you should never tell about high prices: if you have something that costs so much money you should tell it in different way.

The Formation of Relationships in The Internet

Relationships in the Internet are not supposed to be a usual way of comminication. Absolutely different people are involved in this process: men and women, people of different religous beliefs, people of different races and ethnics, people with different marital status. There are so many various reasons for stayiong alone or having good relations. Some people have their relations, and others are lonely or suffer from not having enough intimacy. So, a lot of scientists were interested in the question and provided a range of studies and researches. They tried to find it, how the interntet relations form and how do they affect relations, which do alwaready exist.

The Formation of Relationships in The Internet

One of such researches showed that there are people who are most likely to have relations on line. They are people, who feel some similar traits between themselves and their partner. Many people said that they stayed with his or her partner because common interests, feelings, perception of reality or similarities in the intellect. Also anonymity makes people feel more free and safe in the internet, which you can not avoid in real relations in your daily life. It gives people the possibility to express themselves as they are, but not to be a person, whom people would like them to be. So, the research show free self expression as one of the most important factors, which helps to build relations on line. It means that most people express themselves easier in on line relations rather than in real ones. This point is especially important for bisexuals and homosexuals, because they are usually suppressed by the society in real life.

Also it was reported that most on line relations are formed between people, who live in a long distance from each other. It is hard to imagine this in real life, when your partner is living somewhere abroad. But in the Internet it is much easier. Moreover many people talk by telephone and even meet in reality sometimes.

Also it has been examined in one of the surveys about how had people created there internet relations and why did they do that. Most of these respondents were males of somewhere 30 years old. Other men were married or had children. Most of the man had got higher education. So, the report showed that mostly there were people of white-collar professions and married, who were involved in on line relations. But all the relations are connected with sex, as it is the main point of people's lives. People have on line relations because of this in particular.

It turned out that people missinterpret on line relations in the Internet. People think that people, who have no chance to build real successful relations or want an experience of sex experiments only seek for such relations. But the realsituation is totally different. Psychologists claim that Internet dating is a good way to meet other people and to communicate with them. They always even suggest them go to dating sites and build some relations in distance.

But the role of gender is also very important if we speak about the reasonf of relation building. As specialists say, men have a different way of mind and perception of sexuality. They believe that men believe that intimate relations are based on feelings and emotions of the partners. And also in the Internet men are free to express their desires and wishes concerning sex more openly then in real world. And the situation with women is a bit different on the other point of view. They go usually to some chat rooms or newsgroups. There they find their partners. They do not pay so much attention to sex, but search for such relationships for work or if they need some emotional help or support.

Also the researches have shown an interesting thing. They say that if a person show true sides of his personality, he is more lucky to build relations. The more you express your inner world, the more happier you will be in your relations. You should show your main traits, which you consider to be the most important, which will be important for others in the same way. Such traits, which you are shy to show in real relations. It is so because nobody suppresses you in the internet and you are not afraid to be you. In real life sometimes social values and minds do not allow us being what we really are. It is also one more attractive aspect for people to create on line relations.

The reasons maybe different, but we all will meet in the Internet! People will always search for help or any kind of support. And Internet will always give people a huge surface to begin their actions, to meet new interesting people and build their relations. Internet will make all sorts of people meet, even in distance.

Truth about the life with ukrainian woman

It is not so difficult to get to know a ukrainian woman, but the main question remains: how your life will look like if you marry a woman from Ukraine?

Is she similar to our women? What are the differences? Today We would like to tell you about the life with beautiful ukrainian wives.

Ukrainian women are not spoiled by career. They are family-oriented, they dream of children and big family. It is very seldom when a ukrainian girl doesn't like to cook, but of course exceptions exist. The majority of girls from Ukraine have clean houses and try to do everything possible to make her men and children feel good at home, many men tell about this. Russian or Ukrainian wives come home from the work and manage to cook a tasty dinner..

How to protect yourself from dating scams online

How to protect yourself from injured relationships on the dating websites? How not to be caught in the tricky nets of scammers? Scams on the Internet involve increasingly their victims in close emotional relations, which can never become real. Cheated victims feel doubly hurt.

Professor Monica Whitty from the University Of Leicester (USA) reviewed that a man gets very big trauma, when he opens his soul and heart to the dating scams, whereupon not only loses a great sum of money but also his romantic relationships.

Special study was conducted in order to understand why the men and the women often come under scammers' tricks, why they send them big sums of money and why they trust these people.

Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) became the main partner in this research. The agency investigates illegal actions of the dating scams.

As it turned out, the scammers created most decent and credible profiles on the dating websites by using false information and stolen pictures. Dating scams put their profiles on the most popular dating websites and on the social networks. When the scammers made acquaintance they gladly kept in touch with their partners, listened to them and even gave for them advices. Thereby the dating scams created an image of reliable and careful friend and involved their victims in relationships.

But the fact is that the scammers made the same typical mistakes from which you will learn how to protect yourself from these so-called friends.

The most terrible thing happened when the victim started believing his virtual friend unconditionally. The dating scams didn’t hesitate to borrow large sums of money, which they surely were given. Nobody spoke then about the return of a debt. According to the cheated victims the most offensive was not the loss of money, but the feeling that you were betrayed by your close friend.

The author of the study and her colleagues are reviewed: “The victims of scammers have the worst feeling of psychological violence. We consider that this trauma caused by scammers is much worse than the others, because the victim in this case loses not only money but also romantic relations”.

As it turned out, the scammers used real marketing tricks to woo a victim. Thus in some cases they spoke about the wedding and even told that they were ready to meet with his parents and friends. As a rule, exactly romantic person can be manipulated by the scammers more often, because such persons idealize people around. This is the opinion of the scientists.