Guide to Food and Dating by UaDreams

Family holidays are usually associated with special delicious food preparing for all members with sophisticated tastes. Mothers and fathers gather other relatives at the big table with hot dishes and soft candles. Food unites people. Food unites a man with a woman. Remember the saying about stomach as the way to a man’s heart? This is it! Actually we are here to understand if food plays a great role in relationship, if it helps to bring a romance or to attract someone.

We refer to the special research made this year in the honor of the most noticeable food in the world and in Ukraine. Almost seven hundreds of daters, men and women, have been interviewed as to the matter of the relationship online and how food affected their stability or instability. In particular, the issues is mentioning words or phrases about food during a conversation. All of them were honest and shared their concerns with us, uncovering their attitude to this topic. Hence, you may see below the result of our job, namely, all people refer to the truth: our body, mind and spirit depends on what we eat. We stopped at some useful dating food advices for those who want to update their profile info, for example. Of course, when sharing preferences about something you like helps to build up a conversation clearly. Thus, the interaction becomes easily. And if you are not hungry you become calm and satisfied, ready for easy conversation with unknown person. Food gives a positive effect. Do you know anyone who became angry after his meal? Hopefully, no. One thing is irritating: using forks or sticks for exotic appetizers. Particularly if you try it on your first date.

So, we came along with the dishes.

Daters denoted the Thanksgiving meal as the most principal

According to the statistics, 49% of interviewed agreed to eat a lot, mostly if they are invited but not prepare something for others. Besides, all people confessed that the food on this eve is the most seducable and delicious not only at home but at restaurants or cafes. They can not imagine another tasty holiday in their lives. Apart from that, 32% adore Christmas by its meal and only 3% prefer Easter as the most yummy day.

Favourite Meal for Holidays
Thanksgiving Day 49%
Christmas 32%
4th of July 9%
Easter 3%

Talking about food makes you more attractive from all daters

The most enjoyable thing to talk about is food, as investigated. Any conversation would be smart and interesting if you stop being nervous and start with favourite meal you enjoy. This is important to make a good impression to an interlocutor, thus, including some tasty words to your vocabulary will enrich your talk and, who knows, will change your destiny. See the example of words: burger, suchi, pasta, grilled fish, vegetables, coffee, lemonade. Can you feel the influence of each of them? Try to mention one in a message and you will see if something happen. Besides, each year healthy food demonstrates the perfect growth among fast food lovers. People take care of their health and use healthy food words for correspondence, interviewed daters confessed. Moreover, food mentioning helps to increase the number of messages: people are interested to talk about something they like and they are interested in people who engaged with their preferences. Thus, take a look at the table of the most popular words of food mentioned in a letter with a positive meaning:

food increasing in a letter
burgers 98%
chicken 92%
coffee 76%
soup 72%
grilled fish 68%
vegetables 63%
croissants 51%

Words with negative impact:

food increasing in a letter
fried potato -59%
fried meat -25%

Additionally, protein joins the healthy category as well, daters remarked. We gathered special groups of healthy food to see the average amount of words mentioned. Hence, healthy food for dating:

Protein 42%
Fruits 39%
Vegetables 24%

Foodies makes life brighter with their tempting and piquant talks about food

Foodies have a special aim - to talk about food in most pleasing especially to the taste way. They adore to describe how they cook and what ingredients they tried. Apart from that, they like to feed someone and to speak about their sophisticated taste. Hence, the word “foodie” you may find in 78% of dating profiles. However, the words “cook” or “prepare food” have been denoting only in 22%. As you see, people mainly are not fond of cooking but they love to eat and to speak about food!

Food may encourage you with better dating

As you see, fast food talks may influence to message increasing to your dating account but that does not mean that it will help you with your first date to succeed. Most probably, if you talk about food too much, your beloved person will suspect you in loving food but not her or him. Thus, be careful with food words amount! :) What is more, if your partner cares about his fit and you don’t, supposedly your relationship will suffer from disbalance. Think over what food words to use and establish all details about your partner - this will lead you to a good match.

Vegetarians are no longer ignored

If we go back to 2015, vegetarians were usually dismissed with their specific needs and meat refusal. People used to react aggressively if someone confesses about their vegetarian life choice. Instead, today we notice the opposite reaction - to be proud of people who cares about their health or even freedom of choice is more important than your tastes. You eat what you want and you talk about it freely. Thus, the category of people who mentioned “vegetarian” in their conversation tends to receive more messages to their dating profiles. Vegans have almost the same picture in 2017, the way of life becomes the main stream. Plus, vegans increase their messages flow to 53%

Men choose fast food. Women - no way.

Considering that fast food is a good reason to spend your first date naturally, about 50% of women and 21% of men reject this idea. Besides, almost 12% of women do not recommend to invite men to popular fast food restaurants. Such attitude comes from the cheap menu and non-healthy meal. Frequently used the idea of fast food restaurants date becomes embarrassing. It is easy to go, to purchase, to get the food immediately. According to the dating statistics, 25% of women will accept the invitation to have a date at fast food place. But over 51% would be delightful to walk around instead.

This is not all women were asked about. We decided to investigate what they will do if invited to such restaurant. Over 10% agreed that they would not blame partners for such choice, but over 15% would be very angry to have such uncaring interlocutors. Over 78% of men will gladly accept the idea of visiting fast food place. The last part, 8% do not care of the partner’s choice, it’s OK for the first date.

“The Infernally Hot Kitchen”

International show about complicated receipts and sophisticated cooking came to Ukraine involving men and women from all part of the country to discuss and to try something new. Ukrainian women are famous for their cooking skills, thus, they keep doing it very well. They are aimed to prepare something delicious for a man, to care about him and his tastes. This show was a top topic last few years among daters as well. This made the result of increasing the incoming messages to the daters’ mailboxes. But be careful if your woman does not know anything about this show. Such word phrase must be in use accurately, as it has rather negative meaning in general.

Don’t know what to eat on a first date? Seafood!

This is the best choice ever! To provide unexpectedness and make the date extraordinary it is better to try seafood if you have never tried octopus or lobster. Exotic dishes will keep bright memories, even if you do not know how to eat such food, both of you will receive new experience together. The hunger can not be shy, the hanger - must not be a barrier to your perfect date. It’s up to you, 16% a steak receives, 19% - grilled fish, oysters and etc. Dating agencies offer seafood restaurants for the first date, more often it helps to build up not only interesting conversation but strong relationship.

Something funny about food and people:

– A good steak for a man is better than a football. Women, fix this.
– Millennials eat something new each three months. They like to create mainstreams.

Buffalo needs a special attention

Wings and ribs represent some kind of a troubleshooting for non-experienced foodies. First date is not for buffalo parts! Daters advice to avoid such elements for eating, it is difficult and your partner will be confused by this complex task to operate as well as some Indian food, for example. You do not see or know the ingredients, there is no reason to come to danger.

Sexy food: cream and strawberries, pine-apple and ice-cream

Daters recommend to eat something sweet to become more relaxed during your first date. Chocolate or strawberries with cream, or pineapples would be the perfect match. Additionally, you may choose various ice-cream or papaya istead. Actually, over 25% adore apple pie, 19% like creamy desserts, cheese cakes with banana sauce. Apart from that, daters adore fondus with fruits or cheese, or chocolate - 30%, pasta - 22%, bakery - 16%, sweets - 9%.

A couple that eats with a pleasure, Uadreams dating data says, enjoys the meal together and like to speak about will definitely have a long term relationship success. Many reputable dating agencies like UaDreams recommend to review some cosy places to enjoy the food. But first of all it is better to investigate the tastes of your partner not to fail with unwanted choice.