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Let’s Decide, Why On-line Dating Is Not Easier than in Real Life

When you fail to seek for love in real live and go to the Internet, you will discover that it's not as easy as sometimes it seems from the first sight. Every beginner in this “sphere” makes a range of mistakes, which you should avoid. And here is a thing, which you should pay an attention to. Here is an opinion from the woman’s sight, a woman, who looks for love on line.

Well, dating sites are like a catalogue. You come, choose and try to compete and survive there. The strongest are the best here. You put descriptions of yourself and see information about others, provide photos of you in different situations, from cute photo at home or a crazy picture from somewhere. You see whether you approach someone or not. In many cases you start criticizing yourself, but that’s OK. Such a feeling is good for dating sites to survive; otherwise everybody on these sites would have relations with each other. But still it is not an easy thing to courtship after a woman, totally as in real life.

Find here several reasons, which will show you why on line dating is not easier than meeting in real life:

1. Men make photos of themselves in the mirror.

So, on line dating has become safer in the recent years. But still, the quality of the pictures, typed there, are really poor and their quality is constantly getting lower. You never know, whether the boy or a girl from a photo is cute and nice. The first impression may be so damaged that there is no interest in it further. Men take their photos in the mirror in such poses that they seem not what they really are. He seems like a too self-assured person, whom I would not like to get acquainted with.

2. A character with no photo.

There is a range of such people, who do not have a photo on the profile, but have suchlike things written there, as if they would send you the photo if you ask for it. Or somebody tell you beforehand that you must like him no matter what the photo is. But if a person has no photo, he or she will even not be interested in you. Such people may seem strange, unattractive and too shy. Nobody will spend time on your requests when there is a range of interesting personages all around.

3. People who wink for the photo.

Well, let us say that we do not often give “winks” to each other in real life. Still, sometimes it may seem as a problem with your nervous system. But sometimes, winking means a kind of aggression. It seems that most of people feel the same. So, don’t people be confused and feel uncomfortable while chatting with you. One guy did the same when a Lady had a conversation with him on a forum. They talked for a while and then he disappeared for some time. After this period he suddenly sent her a “wink”. A question arouse in her mind, that how could it be so?

4. Sympathetic headlines.

Sometimes we read men’s profiles and have kind of mixed feelings. When you read something like “Nice Guy Who Finishes Last”, what would you feel? It seems like they don’t like themselves, they are sorry for even existing here. Such people don’t deserve my attention and time to conversation. Girls even automatically have no desire to get acquainted with him. It is really better to write a quotation of a famous person or a joke, than making people feel pity for you.

5. Talks about destiny.

Many men use unsuitable word in all cases and situations. How many times have we heard such clichés as if I was somebody’s destine, other people were searching for me for the whole like or something of the sort. Well, from one side it flatters us, but from the other side, we can’t distinguish between those people, who are cheating us, and those, who are really honest with us. We are too tired of such responses and they are no more interesting for us and even sound silly.

6. Predefined rejections.

Well, this point is still strange. It seems like a response from job, for example. It is lack of warmth and friendliness there. You feel so that You must answer a person who wrote you, because he spend some time on it and put all his heart there. You can’t just ignore him. But now You even have no particular feeling about it. Sometimes it is maybe better to do this, although You do not appreciate it. You see that it is normal for Internet world of dating now.

7. Hunting.

While you are afraid for your information to be hunted for in real life, think about the world of Internet. Thousands or even millions of people can find it, read and examine it. One day a person wrote you that he found your profile and blog through Google. So, you tried to do the same, went to Google, entered personal information, but nothing happened. So, there is so much space in the Internet, where you can work!