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How to Schedule a Romantic Trip to Russia or Ukraine?

To schedule your visit to Russia or Ukraien may appear rather challenging. It depends on what type of trip you are going away. A much simpler case is when you are planning to visit one Russian woman. You just need to work out a schedule which will adjust to only one woman. It isn’t a problem either if your wish is to take part in a group tour. You follow the tour program and do not bother about where to go and when. It's so easy.

But things become different when the purpose of your travel to Russia is to meet several women. The only thing you can do is to plan an individual tour. The best suggestion possible ‒ schedule to arrive there ON A THURSDAY and PLAN A 10-DAY STAY (MINIMUM)!

You will ask, “Why should I arrive exactly on a Thursday but not any other day of the week?” Well, the majority of people would think up by themselves. They would most probably decide to depart on a Friday. This is what people typically do if it is a vacation trip, isn’t it? If you do like that, the time when you arrive to Russia or Ukraine will be late enough on Saturday, so you will be able to have a good date only on Sunday. What may be still worse, it will be difficult to arrange a date with the girls you wanted to meet, even till the next weekend. There will be at least two days left before your departure!

Suppose you contact with Ms. Perfect just a couple of days prior to your departure, would you have sufficient time to have a date with her again? It is hardly probable unless you are lucky.

This is a convincing reason for you to plan your trip to Russia/Ukraine on a Wednesday if you depart from the U.S. As you will be at your destination late on Thursday, you will be able to enjoy your meetings already on Friday and on the following days. Such a scheduling gives you advantages in arranging dates with the girls you were looking forward to meeting most of all.

This is the very reason why it is better to decide on a Wednesday departure. Then one more question may arise: why should it be at least a 10-day stay? One can understand it only when making such a trip which usually passes like winking, especially when you are on an individual tour (i.e. meeting multiple women). Don’t forget to take into consideration the transition time as well. If you stay just for a week, it is improbable you will have enough time for your favorites so as to really develop a lasting momentum.

Is there An Easy Way to Obtain a Russian Visa without Extra Problems?

You are arranging a trip to Russia as you plan to meet Russian women there, and therefore you have to obtain a Russian visa and be sure that you comply with Russia’s customs requirements and laws. Fortunately, not all the countries of the former Soviet Union require a visa from U.S. citizens to pass their borders. Among them are Ukraine, Moldova and Estonia, to enter which you need no to have a visa for non-business visits that last less than 3 months or 90 days. The only necessary document is a valid passport and later you just will need to fill out a special form upon entry and you are welcome to the countries.

BUT, if your destination is Russia or Belarus, you are obliged to obtain a visa before the journey. And there are such resources where one can obtain a visa to absolutely any country of the world without problems or waste of time.

And from these pages you can learn about a perfect one-stop resource where you can easily obtain a visa to Russia. But before that let’s warn you of a trap you may get into: If you prefer not to use the mentioned one-stop resource (below), READ carefully all the instructions listed here to avoid unpleasant situations. We say this because we do know quite clear that the process of “Russia visa support” and a “Russian entry visa” is not precisely the same thing.

Let’s say, you visit the site, the first thing you’ll see there a sign "RUSSIAN VISA ONLINE", written in bold colored oversized font directly on its home page. In adds their site as a rule says "Russian entry visa Apply Online...", or something like "we offer express Russian visa online services..." But at the same time they say that Russian entry visas could be obtained (only) at local Russian Embassy or Consulate.

And throughout the whole site there occasionally appear confusion like this (so what should their clients do? Get visas online with their help or obtain them at an embassy?). Thus, there may be the only answer, DOES NOT ACTUALLY OFFER VISAS! So if you applied their service and did not pay DUE attention, it might turn out that appear at the Moscow airport immigration line having only “Invitation” documents with you, and no visa, and would certainly denied entry (in the best case)!

Well, now you can clearly see that you should pay a through attention when you claim all your legal documents for entry into Russia!

Fortunately, there is another service Visa HQ that allows you check the visa requirements for almost each country with the help of their tool "Travel Visa Requirements" on their home page. Visa HQ can offer you a visa for nearly any country.

All you need to do is to fill out rather simple online form, pay for the service, and send them you passport. And after two weeks you will get your passport back together with all the required travel documents.

But several countries, such as Russia, demand that you have an “Invitation” for obtaining a visa. It’s an official government document that usually provide a hotel or registered tour company that mainly resume responsibilities for declaring to the government that they invite you to visit them officially. Visa HQ provides this type of services as well, you’ll need to pay just a small additional charge.

Why are Ukranian women looking for their love overseas?

It's a very sensitive question about single Ukranian women looking for their love and relationships abroad. They are accused of finding men for another citizenship or money. But that's not always like this (of course cheatings often happens). To get into details you need to know about the culture of the country these women, searching for romance all over the world live in.

Ukraine is somewhere in the middle of a traditional society, where women has no education and raise children while their husbands making money, and present-day society where women have equal rights, they are educated enough and can have any career they want to. Women have chance to study and travel abroad, where they get to know other culture and way of living besides foreign men with who they can establish relationships and become friends.

Moreover if a single woman in Ukraine wants to have a family or settle down, she probably will have trouble finding a right and proper man for marriage, who is on her level. This is the reason why Ukranian woman seeks for a man in other country worldwide.

Also, it's needed to remember, that many divorces occur, along with other motives because of fighting about money, and finance is one of the most important part of any marriage. Even though Ukraine has many opportunities for becoming wealthy and very rich person, there are certain circumstances, that prevent a lot of local people from getting this. And they stay poor for all their lives.

Even if this man has an opportunity for develoving and evolving, it's unlikely that a woman, especially with good education and successful career will relate to him. As for economy, you should keep in mind that it's much friendlier in other countries and there are much more opportunities overseas than anywhere in Ukraine, which causes Ukranian women to feel not so insecure, happier and safer in both financial and emotional aspects.

A lot of Ukranian women prefer so-called Western attude to lifestyle, where women are respected enough, have the same rights as men and all housework is not only done by them in addition to bringing up children, beacause these things are supposed to be done by women, but these duties are devided between two partners equally. Apparently there is a risk of creating a more traditional Ukranian marriage that a woman may have to look out for. Plus to that it's a matter of argument that Ukranian women should go to the place where their husbands (or bridegrooms) live as it happened in the past, when a girl moved to other village, for the simple reason that her husband dwelt there.

Why males' activity on dating sites has some kind of seasonality?

It isn't a joke, it is really so. But either professionals, who help women with searching, or experienced brides, who are on the list more than several years, know this secret.

It may sound a bit strange but there are such periods of time, when more men visit dating sites, when they show more activity, when a lot of new men are registered there. And sometimes the picture is totally different: just a few numbers of letters come from the sites, new faces do not appear there.

So, you may have a logical question: how can you choose the best time to fill in your questionnaire on the dating site and to get more answers?

We'll share a secret with you.

The peak of activity on such sites starts somewhere from the end of September. Men are more active, they make new correspondence, change photos or just new men come to the site at this period of time. This activity grows and reaches its peak by the middle of December till the middle of March. This is the most suitable time on such sites. During this time people chat, write letters and make appointments. Then the level of activity becomes lower and practically stops by the beginning of summer. Summer is usually a period of calm there.

Remember that we speak about the international dating sites, but not about the social networks or sites, where people seek for one-time relations or a couple to spend a holiday.

We speak about serious sites, where people look for long lasting relations.

From the first sight this seasonality seems strange, but now I will explain you the secret and you will understand everything.

The autumn comes and men come home after their vocations and holidays. The usual life begins: work - home - friends - work. Many of them spend their free time in front of the computer. And there they see different advertisements of dating sites. And this man is lonely, he wants to have his own private life. And the result is that he starts visiting these sites. The weather becomes colder and people spend more time at home in the Internet.

So, the activity on the dating sites rapidly increases.

And then the time of holidays begins: Christmas, the New Year. We usually spend these holidays together with our family (especially Christmas).

And what if a man doesn't have a family? What if his family lives too far from him? Or what if he spent several days with his family, parents; sisters - brothers - nephews and now he realized that it would be great to have his own family and celebrate all these holidays together, to hear the voices of children in his house?

And then St. Valentine's Day comes. Everything is full of hearts and Valentines, everybody talks about their lovers and surprises for them. What does a lonely person think in such moments? At least he feels uncomfortable and even a bit defective. Sure, most people also want to take part in this funny holiday bustling.

The result is the next: he goes to the dating site, examines the questionnaires, writes letters and dreams about these times, when the next Christmas or St. Valentine’s Day will be totally different: it will be funny and full of happiness. A loving woman will come to his life and he will have a family too.

Correspondence develops during this period of time (autumn - winter - spring) and a date is being planned. Not everybody is ready to do to a date in winter, when flights are delayed; there are problems with flights, etc. Though if a couple agrees to meet somewhere in their country, it could happen in winter too.

As a rule, people plan dating in spring or the beginning of summer. That's why the level of activity becomes lower. People meet or develop their relations without these sites, or break up or whatever. They do it in order to feel lonely again when Christmas comes and come again to the dating sites.

So, if you are a woman and are planning to start searching for a foreign husband, it is the right time to start right now! Don't miss your chance and start making your photos. Then you should fill in the questionnaire. If you start now, you will not miss the right time and catch this pick of activity! And those, who have already posted a profile, must update them, change photos and change the information in this personal profile. And now you are ready to meet coming "season of activity" fully equipped!

How to escape scams' traps?

Usually, scammers create profiles using photographs of other people with fake information. Without a doubt, the pictures you see are of real people, who do not even imagine that their pictures are used for frauds (sometimes scams use pictures of little-known actresses or singers). Methods of misappropriation of  somebody else's money differ depending on situation, but the general comment scheme is the same. Scammers try to manipulate emotions, pretending that she is 'exactly what you need', and as soon as they feel that you have swallowed the bait, they will make everything possible for you to send them money.

Here are a couple of simple advices about how to avoid scams on dating sites:

Firstly, be vigilant, if the person, with whom you have correspondence with not for a long time starts to make love declarations. Generally, scam letters are very warm, disposal to the author from the very beginning. But if you simply think, you will understand that before the big feeling appears between you too, at least you need to have quite long correspondence.

Secondly, look closer to the letters. In majority of cases scams do not waste time to write letters filled up with true love, that is why they use templates, in which they just change the name and a couple of details. Commonly, the scammer do not bother to read letters carefully and reply thoughtfully on them. You can easily find this out by asking her a couple of questions and see how she reacts and replies.

As soon as the cheat makes sure, that she spent enough time to correspond with you, she will start to try to put through the fraud.

Depends on her patience, it can be a short-term correspondence or the one, that lasts for weeks. No matter how long is the correspondence, as soon as the scams sees that you have swallowed the bait, she will ask you for money. For example, these possible options:


- the girl wants to come to your country, but she needs money for the flight ticket, visa and just 'for trip';


- requirements for the lady to get the USA visa are very strict, I can even call them blasphemous. She needs to show that she has a good-payed job, that she owns her own flat or house, that she has kids, who stay with her relatives for the time when she is away, etc.  Of course this lady can tell you that she knows the travel agent, who can assist her to get the visa and flight tickets. If she tells you all that, you 100 per cent corresponding with scam, because it is impossible to obtain the USA visa illegally.


- she needs money for medical reasons (for herself or her relatives). 


- she will tell you how hard is her life and ask you to help her financially (send her money for beautiful and good quality clothes, shoes). In this case buy all that by yourself and send it to her.

For what 'merits' can you get to the black list of scammers?

Nowadays, there are heaps of web-sites with scammers' lists, half of which is simply fake. Many men complaints are simply lies and misrepresentation. If you see in the scam list the picture with the girl's name and address, ask the owner of the site for what the lady go there.

Without a doubt, there are real scam-lists, where you can find together with pictures and different names, their addresses, the full correspondence, numbers of money transfers, dates and other. If there is none of mentioned above, then it can be she was placed there by the man, whom she refused to correspond with.

By following these simple rules, you will easily determine the scam, who wants just to improve their well-being on your account and escape any liabilities.

To sum up, from my own experience, I can say  that it does not really matter where and how to meet people, because you can encounter frauds anywhere, just many more of them in the net. My last parting wishes:


- do not tell much about yourself;


- as soon as you are asked for money - finish your correspondence.