Beware! Scam Attack

What is scam? So, a lonely man looking for warm family emotions and serious relationships in his life wants to get acquainted via Internet with an alluring female from Russia, Ukraine or any other former USSR country. He finds her profile with lots of nice photos and tries to catch her attention. Bingo! The lady is quite interested and after a couple of letters and perhaps a video-chat is “completely smitten”. And then the guy is informed about her / her closest relatives health problems or simply money difficulties and of cause ever gentleman can't help but aid a beautiful damsel in distress. He loans her a hefty amount of money which she vows to return very soon. She gets money and presents from the man but there are lots of obstacles on the way to their meeting in real. Most of them require more finances for travel expenses which the guy is ready to provide to speed the process. After all this beautiful Russian siren is so in love with her prince, probably fueling his ardor with some erotic fantasies or photos. This story goes on and on until the guy loses all his hopes to be together with his beloved and stops sending money. Then the lady will start getting out of relationship, writing less and less often or just disappear abruptly.

Usually scammers are first to contact men, they use the chains of long and romantic pre-written letters with lots of endearments but avoid answering the other side's questions. They send those letters to hundreds of victims, 5-10% will be hooked and fooled. Some scammers prefer more personalized approach, carefully choosing her victim and paying lots of attention to details. Probably it is less known but scammers are also met among males who are looking for Ukrainian and Russian women. Such men put up their profile on dating sites and use the obtained confidential information about women with abusive intentions.

Most of the match-making sites are aware of existence of such fraudulent activities. They post some general warnings against scam and place links to anti-scam Web sites. The major dating sites and agencies usually provide a strict anti-scam policy and programs and check all the documental data both sides provide. They often efficiently remove scam profiles and are using advanced anti-scam checking programs. Of cause even they can not provide 100% guarantee and some of scammers are quite resourceful in their activity.

One of the largest and most reliable online dating agencies in Ukraine pays a lot of attention to protecting its members from unscrupulous swindlers. It can be seen clearly that almost every match-making operator gets lots of complaints on scammers and UaDreams is not an exception. Different sites and the threads of external UaDreams forums are usually the places where people share their negative online dating experience with the world. Unlucky members of dating agencies which became the victims of scam mafia and had lost lots of money usually feel deeply disappointed in all the online match-making agencies and are trying to convince other users in hopelessness and fruitlessness of their attempts in finding love abroad via Internet. Sadly, things happen and UaDreams site support is quite aware of the situation and does everything to avoid such machinations. Both the threads of external UaDreams forums and the agency's own site draw users' attention to a special Anti-Scam program against scam and fraud.

The UaDreams anti-scam program presupposes the following:

Following those simple rules and simply being extra-careful will allow any person looking for long-lasting relationships in an online dating site to protect oneself from being scammed and thus avoid any emotional and financial rollercoaster and disappointment in possibilities of finding one's love from another part of the world.