The Canadian scriptwriter turned pervert fantasies into reality.

The Washington Post informs that the Canadian comic books author and scriptwriter Blake Leibel appeared before the court of Los Angeles, USA. He was accused of cruel murder of his girlfriend, Ukrainian woman Yana Kasian.

Ukrainian Wooman dream sad story

The 30-year-old female native of Kiev had gave birth to their common baby three weeks earlier. Her body with no blood in it was founded in the suspected murderer's bedroom. The death occurred because of head injury, and before the woman died, she was being tortured during 3 days. In order to enter the apartment the police had to break the door blocked on the inside.

The 35-year-old Leibel is famous for his graphic novel ''Syndrome'' telling about a serial killer. One of the comic book scenes is analogous to the one he turned into reality – a naked woman lying in the bed full of blood.

Shortly after Yana gave birth to the baby a couple had a quarrel and she moved to her mother. The woman just came to her ex-boyrfiend to talk.

Leibel was also accused of sexual violence done a week before the murder, but he was released on bail.

The Canadian man dealt not only with graphic novels but also had a shot at various beginnings such as being movie scriptwriter and professional gamer. His parents were wealthy and provided him with money for living, exactly these facts greatly contributed to his creative work. Leibel began having money problems a few years ago after mother's death: father was not willing to help his son financially too much.

Yana Kasian worked for a tax office and studied law in Ukraine. The circumstances how she met the murderer are unknown.

Blake Leibel denies his guilt, but in case the court decides upon a guilty sentence, the man may expect death penalty.