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An «artful" black list of women' profiles

An «artful" black list of brides appeared in the Internet several years ago. It was created with only one main goal - to earn money.

They found a really easy way. They collected names of girls and women, which they could find at different dating sites (there could even be no photos, addresses, e-mails or something of the sort) and created their own black list.

All this means that they just took the most beautiful and popular girls and included them into this list. But there was no such a list as it is! Rogues just made a good job with the search systems. The result was the next: you enter the name or surname of a woman in Google and the word "scam" too. The first or second link was the one, which lead to this very site. And it doesn't even matter, whether the girl is honest and decent. If you are popular within the Internet - so, you are welcome to our black list!

Then you have an easy job to do further. As there are women on the sites, as their appearance attracts attention and they are searching for a partner, it means that men write them all the time. And if men write them, some of them (maybe even a lot of them) will decide to check girls sooner or later. It is called jealousy, you know.

So, there is such a jealous man and one day he'll go to Google and ask there: "Where is my lover?" Or he'll write the question in a different way, enter name, surname, address and the word "scam". And here is an unpleasant surprise!  It turns out that there is some information about the lover...

But there is one little nuance... You need to pay money to get the information about a woman and to confirm her honesty. The sum is not so huge... It is somewhere about 20-25 dollars. It is not really much, is it? The truth costs more!

So, now just imagine the mood and moral state of this man? The interest is so big that these 20 dollars will seem nothing. And he (a naive man) pays... And he is waiting for this promised truthful information. But finally he doesn't get it. This site has not got any bad information about women. They just earn money in such a way with the help of people's curiosity. In fact, they do such things for quite a long period of time and nobody forbids them to do it. 

So, dear women, take it into consideration. If a man sends you a link to this site and tries to blame you for scamming, tell him about the type of work of such a site. Explain him that you need to pay for nothing but "air" and will get nothing in the end, just spoilt relations. And who knows, maybe that was your chance!

In fact, there were many attempts to stop the work of such black lists, but they have no results. Men complained that they hadn't got the information, which has been promised, but there was no answer. That's why such lists do still exist.