Ukrainians are increasingly marrying foreigners. Why?

Once upon a time, there were young ladies who wanted to get married to foreign men. We decided to ask them about their aims and wish to get acquainted with a foreigner. There are so many different answers and points of view but we have asked the ladies about the reasons and they said some of the most common ones. For sure, you’ll be very interested and curious to read the actual results in April 2020, so here they are.

young ukrainian ladies who wanted to get married to foreign men

First of all, some ladies are looking for a man from Europe or the USA because they have visited these countries and would like to live there. It’s not surprising, more and more women enjoy traveling and visiting different countries. It’s not a problem at all to visit Europe, The USA, Canada or Australia, so a lot of women do this, they see the local way of life, enjoy being there and would like to become a part of the society so they are looking for the future husband from the country they like. Yes, that happens and that’s a pretty common situation.

Secondly, some women told that they would like to relocate to another country because they believed that they would have a better life there. There are women who have never been to a country they would like to move to but they have strong feelings and images of this country in their mind and soul. So that’s why they would like to move there. But believe that doesn’t mean that the lady is looking for the relocation only. Russian and Ukrainian ladies are devoted, loving and caring, feelings are more important for them than a certain country.

Thirdly, there are ladies who would like to leave their comfort zone and want to try something new, different, to relocate and to start their life from the very beginning in the new place. Yes, there are ambitious and adventurous women who are looking for changes in their lives, they are open to something new and they would like to try what they can and if they can.

Last but not least, we talked to a lot of ladies who have already had relationships with foreigners and they believe that men from other countries have a better attitude toward women, they appreciate them so Russian and Ukrainian women find it easier to build relationships with a foreigner.

Tastes differ but the fact that Ukrainians are increasingly marrying foreigners stays the truth. We surveyed women who would like to meet a foreigner on There is a lot of information about and you are welcome to get to know more.